Marisa Grace Porter is a kid-at-heart, poet, and writer. As a child, she fell in love with a story about a shy bunny who had every possible reason to fail. Instead, that bunny became the quiet hero. After writing her first poem at age five (about the seashore), she knew she would love the beauty of storytelling for life. With a mind full of whimsy,

Marisa spent her days living in the worlds and kingdoms her imagination created.

Troublesome then, she has since recognized this as the characteristic that led to a life calling of storytelling. She is also the author of short story Childhood’s Last Summer.

At five years old, an anonymous family covered her childhood home’s porch with wrapped presents and Christmas lights. It was a magical moment that was destined to become a story.

Marisa lives with spouse, Nate, and daughter, Anneka.

She’d love to hear from you.