the detective's assistant by kate hannigan
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The Detective’s Assistant Review

Did you know that Pinkerton's hired the first lady detective? Her name was Kate Warne, and her story is partly told in the delightlful and touching middle grade novel The Detective's Assistant, by the lovely Kate Hannigan. There are so many wonderful things in this story. A few who worked on the Underground Railroad, even… Continue reading The Detective’s Assistant Review

power of indie platforms

The Power Of Indie Platforms

"I don't think you're dark enough for young adult. If you're going to submit this book to this agent, I would make it a middle-grade novel." I considered this an immense compliment. An author friend and I were chattingĀ about what often sells in young adult fiction today. Angst, darkness, often it's overly-sexualized themes. Yeah, I… Continue reading The Power Of Indie Platforms